By Staff Writer | December 1, 2003

Dec. 1—2–Helicopters in the War on Terrorism, Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel, Washington, D.C. Contact Christine Gaskin (Delegates), Herve Bavazzano (Exhibitions); 44-1628-604311; web: www.heli-security.com; e-mail: cg@shephard.co.uk.

Dec. 2—6–LIMA ’03, Langkawi, Malaysia. Contact LIMA ’03; 603-2697-6266; fax: 603-2694-6446; web: www.lima.com.my; e-mail: inquiries@lima.com.my.

Dec. 7—11–Dubai Air Show, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Contact Fairs & Exhibitions, 97-14-282-2855; fax: 97-14-282-2866; web: www.dubaiairshow.com; e-mail: dubai-2003@fairsexhibs.com.


Jan. 7-9–EMERGENCY RESPONSE 2003 Conference & Exhibition, Long Beach, Calif. (rescheduled). Contact PBI Client Services, Potomac, Md.; 888-707-5812 or 301-354-1828; web: www.rotorandwing.com. Exhibitors and sponsors, Mercedes de la Cruz e-mail : mdelacruz@pbimedia.com; Attendees, e-mail Susan Cuevas: scuevas@pbimedia.com.

Jan. 8—11–International Flying Farmers Annual Workshop, Harlingen, Texas. Contact Kathy Marsh; 316-943-4234; fax: 316-943-4235; web: www.flyingfarmers.org; e-mail support@flyingfarmers.org.

Feb. 10—12–ATC Maastricht 2003, MECC, Maastricht, Netherlands. Contact Eleanor Dix, CMP Information Ltd.; 44-20-7921-8544; fax: 44-207 921-8550; web: www.atcmaastricht.com; e-mail: mkenyon@cmpinformation.com.

Feb. 24—29–Asian Aerospace 2004. Contact Reed Exhibitions; 65-6780-4633; fax: 65-588-3341; web: www.asianaerospace.com; e-mail trixie.webster@reedexpo.com.sg.

March 2—3–Search & Rescue, The Hilton, Brighton, England. Contact Clair Auger. 44-1628-604311; web: www.shephard.co.uk; e-mail ca@shephard.co.uk.

Mar. 15—17–Heli-Expo 2004, Las Vegas. Contact Marilyn McKinnis; Helicopter Association International, Alexandria, Va.; 703-683-4646; fax: 703-683-4745; web: www.rotor.com; e-mail: marilyn.mckinnis@rotor.com.

Mar. 24—27–Army Aviation Association of America (Quad-A) Annual Convention, Nashville, Tenn. Contact Bob Lachowski, Monroe, Conn.; 203-268-2450; fax: 203-268-5870; web: www.quad-a.org; e-mail: aaaa@quad-a.org.

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