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By Staff Writer | April 1, 2004

April 4-6
Helicopter Assn. of Canada 8th Annual Convention & Trade Show, Ottawa, Ontario. Westin Hotel. Contact Janet Maslin, 613-231-1110; fax: 613-236-2361; web: www.h-a-c.ca; e-mail: bev.bonnell@h-a-c.ca.

April 6-8
Navy League Sea Air Space Exposition, Washington, D.C. Contact Pat Holmgaard, 800-356-5760 or 703-528-1775; fax: 703-528-2333; web: www.navyleague.org;e-mail: pholmgaard@navyleague.org.

April 12-15
Ninth Defence Services Asia Exhibition & Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Contact Lexalynn T. Hooper, AUSA group coordinator, Arlington, Virginia; 703-907-2666; fax: 703-527-8006; web: www.dsa2004.com; e-mail: micexpos@aol.com.


April 19-22
Naval Helicopter Assn. Symposium 2004, Jacksonville, Fla. Contact Howard Whitfield, NAS North Island, California, 619-435-7139; fax 619-435-7354; web: www.navalhelicopterassn.org; e-mail: rotorrev@inetworld.net.

April 27-29
49th Annual Corporate Aviation Safety Seminar (CASS), Tucson, Arizona. Sponsored by the Flight Safety Foundation and NBAA. Contact Ahlam Wahdan, 703-739-6700, ext. 102; e-mail: wahdan@flightsafety.org.

May 3-6
OTC 2004: "Innovation Without Limits," Houston, Texas. Contact Offshore Technology Conference, Richardson, Texas; 972-952-9494; fax: 972-952-9435; web: www.otcnet.org; e-mail: service@otc.net.org.

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