By Staff Writer | June 1, 2004



June 7-10—American Helicopter Society International Forum 60, Baltimore, Md. Contact AHS, Alexandria, Va., 703-684-6777; fax 703-739-9279; web www.vtol.org ; e-mail staff@vtol.org or ahsexhibits@vtol.org.

June 9-13—Navy League National Convention 2004, San Diego, Cal. Contact Karen Kalber, the Navy League of the United States, Arlington, Va.;703-528-1775; fax: 703-528-4175; e-mail: kkalber@navyleague.org; website: www.navyleague.org

June 21-23—Canadian Business Aircraft Assn. 43nd Annual Convention, Trade Show & Static Display, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Toronto Airport Marriott. Contact Janet Maslin, 613-236-5611; fax 613-236-2361; web: www.cbaa.ca ; e-mail: jmaslin@cbaa.ca


July 1-4—Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association Annual Reunion, Adams Mark Hotel, Dallas, Texas. Contact: Joe Bilitzke, Reunion Chairman. 415-457-8500; e-mail: bilitzke@mindspring.com; website: www.vhpa.org

July 8-10—Canadian Business Aircraft Association 42nd Annual Convention, Trade Show & Static Display, Calgary, Alberta. Contact Janet Maslin, CBAA, Ottawa, Ontario, 613-236-5611; fax 613-236-2361; e-mail: info@cbaa.ca; website: www.cbaa.ca



July 17-20—Homer Bell's Helicopter Fly-in, Hillsboro, Ohio. Contact Homer Bell, 937-364-2047.

July 19-25—Farnborough Air Show, Farnborough, England. Contact SBAC, 44-(0)20-7227-1043; e-mail: exhibitions@sbac.co.uk; website: www.sbac.co.uk .

July 25-29—2004 International Flying Farmers Convention, Spokane, Wash. Contact Kathy Marsh, 316-943-4234; fax 316-943-4235; web www.flyingfarmers.org ; e-mail support@flyingfarmers.org.

July 21-24—Airborne Law Enforcement Association 34th Annual Conference and Exposition, Charlotte, N.C., Charlotte Convention Center. Contact Sherry Hadley, ALEA, Tulsa, Okla., 918-599-0705; e-mail: shadley@alea.org; website: www.alea.org

July 22-27—International Flying Farmers Convention, Overland Park, Kan. Contact Kathy Marsh, International Flying Farmers, Wichita, Kan., 316-943-4234; fax 316-943-4235; e-mail: support@flyingfarmers.org; website: www.flyingfarmers.org .



Aug. 1-4—National Business Travel Assn. Annual Convention and Exposition, Orlando, Fla. Contact Hank Roeder, 703-684-0836 ext. 20; web www.nbta.org ; e-mail info@nbta.org.

Aug. 16-20—17th Annual Comprehensive Short Course in rotarywing Technology, State College, Pa. Days Inn Penn State. Contact Nancy Eckard: 814-863-5100; e-mail: nse103@psu.edu; web-site: www.outreach.psu.edu/C&I/rotarywing .



Oct. 12-14—National Business Aviation Association 57th Annual Meeting & Convention, Las Vegas, Nev. Contact NBAA Conventions & Seminars Dept., 202-783-9283; fax 202-331-8364; web site: www.nbaa.org .

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