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By Staff Writer | January 1, 2005

The Very Best Starter-Generators and Generator Control Units

Aircraft Parts Corp. (APC) was founded by Sy and Elsie Sherman in 1961 as an FAA-approved PMA manufacturer of aircraft piston-engine starters. Since then, its commitment to quality and value has resulted in the company becoming the world's No. 1-selling manufacturer of starter-generators for both rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft.

"It is APC's objective at all times to provide our customers with full support with their power distribution needs," says Karen Paisley, who succeeded her father Sy Sherman as president of Aircraft Parts Corp. following his passing on April 19, 2004. "At APC, the customer is the focus of everything we do."


Five years after APC was founded, the Bendix Electric Fluid Power Div. asked it to manufacture the Bendix line of piston-engine starters. Soon after, the APC-manufactured Bendix starters were in use by the U.S. military, the German army, and the Japanese air force, as well as commercial clients such as Bell Helicopter, Beech, Continental, Lycoming, and Dornier. In 1976, Bell asked APC to begin manufacturing Bell starter-generators. They were so happy with the product that APC became Bell's sole supplier in this region. In 1978, APC began manufacturing its own starter-generators, with the help of former Bendix and Grumman electronic engineers who'd joined the company. These devices gave APC the reputation for quality and reliability it enjoys today. Since 1978, APC starter-generators have chalked up an almost zero failure rate.

Product excellence can be found in everything from APC's earliest starter-generators to the new XL2 series. In fact, the armatures on the XL2s are made to last 14-16 years (based on 2,400 hr. of annual operation) without rewinding or replacement of the commutator. "Our starter-generators are manufactured and assembled with only the highest quality components," says Paisley. "Even today, some components of our generators are being produced by hand. The workmanship that goes into our products is second to none."

Maverick Helicopter Tours of Las Vegas are long-time users of APC starter-generators. Their fleet--a Bell 206, six Eurocopter AS350s, and four EC130s (with two more due for delivery--uses upgraded APC's 150SG122Q starter-generators. "Our fleet is averaging 1,100 hr. per month. The normal tour flight profile consists of 1.5 hr. flight along with three starts," says H. John Mandernach Jr., Maverick's vice president of maintenance and chief pilot. "With this above-normal starter-generator usage, the new `XL2' brushes are allowing us to achieve TBO of 1,000 hr., with almost zero commutator wear. This is an industry milestone."

Mandernach adds Maverick only uses APC and APC factory service centers for starter-generator repairs and overhauls. As a result, "our overall costs are going down."

Paisley wants all of APC's customers to be as satisfied as Maverick Helicopter Tours. "Our goal is to become more than our clients' sole supplier of starter-generators and generator control units," she says. "It is for them to want us to be their sole supplier. To achieve this, we must offer product quality and customer service that is second to none. At APC, this is exactly what we do every day."

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