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By Staff Writer | January 1, 2005

Where Customer Service Comes First

Whether as a source for quality helicopter instrumentation and repair, or a convenient consignment clearing house for its customers' excess inventory, Aviation Instrument Services, Inc. (AIS) of Miami, Fla. was established in 1977 with one goal in mind: to build a reputation of excellence in service.

AIS' success in achieving this goal can best be measured in the words of its customers. "AIS is an exemplary Smiths' Customer and Supplier," says Bruce Bannon, Smiths Aerospace's Vice President of Marketing, Customer Services. "They provide the ultimate in customer service by maintaining excellent control of their inventories. AIS staff members are professional and courteous, always responding with a sense of urgency that our industry demands."


"AIS has continually offered a very high level of personal and professional service in sub-contract repairs and overhauls," adds Greg Lindley, Managing Director of Helispares Ltd.

"When AIS's experience is joined with their buying power, their customer receives a level of value that is unbeatable," concludes Dave Vorsas, President of JDC Co.

"In pursuit of our goal, we have developed into a multi-dimensional company providing a variety of services to meet our customers' needs," explains AIS President and Founder Jim Sensale. "These services include providing quality instrumentation to the general/corporate aviation and helicopter markets through both outright and exchange sales, as well as providing an efficient, single source management of component repairs and overhauls through our approved repair shop network."

One benefit of sourcing repairs through AIS is the protection it offers against warranty headaches. "When a warranty problem arises with a unit and the shop you used does not carry any exchanges or loaners, you must send the unit back and wait for repair," Sensale says. "With repairs handled by AIS, you are sent an exchange at no charge provided that we have it in our inventory, or in the inventory of any of the shops with which we deal." Through long-term relationships with a network of over 30 highly qualified repair facilities, AIS is highly successful in finding exchange parts that customers need.

"To aid many of our customers with their surplus inventory pains, we have established a very attractive consignment program that allows companies to offload their surplus to our facility for us to manage and sell," Sensale adds. With it, "our customers have been able to free up large sections in their warehouses of maturing inventory and fill them with more desirable inventory using the cash flow we produce for them."

By covering everything from parts acquisition and sales to managed component repair and replacement, AIS has become more than just a supplier to its customers: it has become their advocate. AIS looks out for its customers' interests. Proof is in the words of the customers quoted above, and others quoted at

"Parts and service you can trust, every step of the way!" At AIS, it isn't just a slogan, it's a guarantee.

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