L-3 Avionics Systems

By Staff Writer | January 1, 2005

Dedicated to Flight Safety

L-3 Avionics Systems has a mission: to design and manufacture safety systems that meet the needs of business, general aviation and military rotor/fixed wing aircraft.

The company's success in fulfilling its mission can be deduced from L-3's reputation: worldwide, L-3's electro-mechanical systems are renowned for their reliability and quality. This is why L-3's avionics are the choice of major manufacturers such as Sikorsky Aircraft.


Collision Warning

For over 20 years, L-3 Avionics Systems has pioneered the development of sophisticated collision warning systems. As a leading supplier of TCAS I systems for business aircraft, the company offers an affordable collision avoidance system, SkyWatch, for general aviation and helicopter operators.

SkyWatch monitors the airspace around an aircraft, searching for nearby transponder-equipped aircraft that may pose a collision threat. Generating this data itself, rather than relying on ground-based radar systems, ensures that the most accurate and up-to-date traffic information is available all the time, at any altitude, anywhere in the world.

Electro-Mechanical Standby Systems

L-3's electro-mechanical standby systems provide pilots with reliable attitude and directional information during emergencies. This is why Sikorsky has contracted L-3 to supply J.E.T. Model AI-803 Standby Attitude Indicator for Sikorsky MH-60R and MH-60S helicopters.

As a compact 2-inch, completely case-contained instrument, the AI-803 replaces conventional two box systems that rely on a remote gyro. The unit provides up to nine minutes of usable attitude information after a complete power loss, giving the pilot valuable response time in an emergency situation. Its rugged design makes the AI-803 ideal for high vibration environments aboard military aircraft and helicopters.

Solid-State, Electronic Standby Instrument Systems

A single L-3 ESIS can replace a bank of traditional standby devices. For instance, the GH-3001 ESIS covers attitude, altitude and airspeed; delivering a complete standby ESIS suite in a single 3-inch display. The US Army ordered the L-3 equipment to upgrade all Army AH-64D Apache helicopters with solid state technology.

Tactical Airborne Navigation

Built to fulfill a variety of military navigational applications, L-3's 6.5 lb. TACAN is the world's smallest and lightest device in its class. Meanwhile, L-3's AN/ARN-154(V) airborne TACAN is a multi-station tracking system that can be configured in a number of ways to meet mission requirements.

Stormscope Weather Mapping and Lightning Detection System

Stormscope continues to be the only "live" lightning detection system that alerts pilots to all types of lightning, providing them with the most comprehensive and real-time weather picture available. Perhaps this explains why L-3 has sold 45,000 Stormscopes to date!

The bottom line: L-3 Avionics Systems offers the right flight safety equipment for all aspects of aviation.

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