By Staff Writer | January 1, 2005

Quality Avionics Monitor Critical Helicopter Functions

Shadin ( is a name best known for fixed-wing avionics. But don't be fooled: if you own, operate, or fly helicopters, chances are that you're already using Shadin equipment! In fact, Shadin's avionics are the choice of helicopter OEMs such as Bell, Enstrom, Eurocopter, Schweitzer, and Sikorsky.

Making Engine Management Easier


With Shadin's Engine Trend Monitor (ETM), helicopter owners/operators get the data they need to effectively monitor engine performance, and anticipate maintenance issues. Specifically, Shadin's ETM provides comprehensive real-time aircraft performance monitoring, fuel management and navigation information to the pilot, while recording maintenance data for later retrieval with its unique Datakey. The removable Datakey also lets users download all aircraft and engine information directly to a PC-based Computerized Maintenance Management System. This data provides precise tracking and reporting of flight time, engine hours, performance variations and exceedances that allow users to accurately anticipate maintenance and operational problems sooner. More data on this product is available at

Keeping a Close Eye on Fuel

Shadin's Digiflo Fuel Flow Management System (FFMS) provides Fuel Used, Fuel Remaining, and Endurance data to the pilot. When interfaced with a helicopter's GPS receiver, Digiflo will calculate and display fuel to destination, fuel in reserve upon reaching destination, and nautical miles per unit of fuel. Physically, the Digiflo avionics unit comes with an easy-to-read LED display that indicates constant engine fuel flow rates, total fuel used, total fuel remaining (in gallons, pounds or liters), endurance, low fuel remaining warning, and low time remaining warning. Functionally, Digiflo is easy to operate, and installs into a standard 3-1/8-in. instrument hole. Check for more data.

Precise Air Data Measurements

The ADC200 and ADC2000 are remotely mounted air data computers that display real-time information right on the GPS' fuel and wind display pages. Each instrument can monitor and report on IAS, IVS, TAS, Mach, P. Alt, D. Alt, OAT, TAT, Winds Aloft, Rate of Turn, Fuel Flow, Fuel Used, Fuel Remaining, Endurance, L.Fuel Used, and R.Fuel Used. Both units can be interfaced with onboard GPS receivers, and have the ability to provide complete fuel management functions. Want to know more? Surf to

Fly Right!

Shadin's AMS-2000 (Altitude Management System) is used to set the selected altitude and act as a reminder to level off in the initial climb, cruise descent, and the approach to the minimum descent altitude and decision height. Shadin also makes a combination altitude Encoder & Gear-Up Warning system for retractable gear helicopters.

More data is at

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