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Aerospace Filtration Systems

By Staff Writer | January 1, 2006

More Power. Less Dirt. About Time.

Aerospace Filtration Systems (AFS) is the industry leader in the design, development and manufacture of high-performance engine inlet barrier filtration systems for commercial and military propulsion systems. Based in St. Louis, Mo., AFS has delivered more than 1,300 systems including over 12,000 filter assemblies to a growing list of military and commercial customers worldwide.

Why AFS?

Dust and sand have always wreaked havoc with helicopter engines. Inlet particle separators sap power and do not effectively filter fine sand and dust. New-generation, high-technology engines require clean filtered air to protect the compressor and vulnerable hot section to deliver peak performance while maintaining power and protecting secondary components. In the case of Auxiliary Power Units, (APU) the philosophy of running these power plants unprotected is being abandoned with incorporation of barrier filtration systems.


A Growing Product Line

AFS produces filter systems for the Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, Bell 206B/OH-58, 205/UH-1, 407 and 206L-1/3/4, the MD Helicopters AH/MH-6 Little Bird and MD 500, the Boeing CH-47 Chinook APU and AH-64 Apache APU and the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk main engine and APU. Several new military and commercial filter systems are slated for introduction in 2006 including applications for the Eurocopter AS350 helicopter family and the Agusta A119. As an engineering-driven company, AFS is constantly developing products and applying advanced technology for engine inlet design. In addition, custom solutions, including design and certification of filtration systems for unique applications such as unmanned aerial vehicles, are available.

Protect your Engine...and More

AFS systems filter out more than 99 percent of dirt and sand while actually enhancing engine performance, especially when compared to inlet particle separators or less capable filter systems. Operators who equip their helicopters with AFS filtration systems can gain more useful load, more engine temperature margin, and a greater margin of safety. Other benefits include reduced operating and overhaul costs, and reduced engine operating temperatures for increased engine life.

Proven in Combat

AFS patented products are proving their worth in the harshest possible conditions, operating on combat helicopters in Operation Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. Helicopters equipped with AFS filter systems experienced zero engine removals due to erosion (unlike particle separator-equipped engines) and the AFS filter systems are performing flawlessly. Along with the unforgiving desert environment, AFS filters also have to endure the effects of rocket gas ingestion on attack helicopters. To date, more than 100 OH-58D engines have reached their established overhaul limits while operating in Iraq. This is an unprecedented achievement for the U.S. Army and a tribute to the viability of AFS inlet barrier filters.


Since 1998, AFS has invested heavily in applied materials research, turbine engine inlet 3-D flow and performance analysis tools, solid modeling and tool design, and the development of one of the world's largest comprehensive filtration media parametric database. These resources make AFS the technical leader in high flow engine filtration solutions. AFS can develop an inlet filter solution for both main engines and APU utilizing its design and analysis tools.

Looking Ahead

In 2006 AFS will be introducing additional military and commercial products to support operations in southwest Asia and commercial customers worldwide.

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Jay Foster
Sales and Marketing Manager

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