COMPANY PROFILE: MD Helicopters, Inc.

By Staff Writer | January 1, 2007

A legendary family of high-performance products. An exceptional, experienced leadership team. A growing track record of world-class product support.

This is MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI).

With a storied past and a vibrant future, MD Helicopters continues to define value, versatility and performance. Because it meets the specific needs of its operators, our family of rotorcraft — including the MD500 Series, MD600N and the MD Explorer — excel in airborne law enforcement and air medical roles. The aircraft are truly the gold standard for these and other critical missions.


The patented NOTAR anti-torque system is a key discriminator — only available on MD helicopters — delivering a range of important benefits to include lower noise levels, enhanced safety, reduced insurance rates, and the ability to fly in areas that are off limits to other rotorcraft.

Product support continues to improve, and during the past nine months, AOGs have been reduced by 95 percent. Above all, our focus is on safety and the continued commitment to build and deliver the safest helicopters in the world.

Led by the dynamic style of Wall Street investor Lynn Tilton, with MD’s new president, helicopter industry veteran Chuck Vehlow, our team of dynamic, driven, and highly experienced professionals is deeply focused on building long-lasting enterprise value by driving innovation to meet the needs of operators. Our customers’ expectations remain high, but ours reach higher.

Better products. Safer products. Products that have been carefully designed to meet our customers’ needs, and a company that is listening, so as those needs change, so will our products. With the full backing and support of its parent, the Patriarch Funds, we think we have finally realized a winning formula for success...and the proof lies in our growing roster of customers.

A tradition of excellence, the journey, and a very bright future. This is MDHI.

With great products as its foundation, the MDHI team is forging ahead with the singular and readily achievable goal to be the industry leader in customer service and support.

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