Canada Looks for Help Training Chinook Pilots

By James T. McKenna | May 7, 2007

The Canadian Air Force is looking to train CH-47 pilots and is asking the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia for help. Canada plans to buy 16 Chinooks from Boeing for delivery starting in 2010 under a roughly Canadian $5 billion ($4.5 billion) program. That includes 20 years of support and a C$150-million training contract with a private vendor. But the nation is looking to other military services to do the initial training of their first batch of pilots. The U.S. Army reportedly has committed to train one Canadian Chinook pilot this year. The Chinooks are to be based in Petawawa, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta (the latter supporting activities at the Canadian Maneuver Training Centre in Wainwright, Alberta). For related news


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