UAVs A Hot Topic for Upcoming ALEA Show

By James T. McKenna | July 6, 2007

Unmanned aerial vehicles and their use—or lack thereof—in police work will be a hot topic of discussion at the Airborne Law Enforcement Assn. annual convention in Orlando, Fla. next week. “There are a lot of companies out there—I've heard somewhere in the vicinity of 270 companies that are manufacturing and marketing UAVs,” said ALEA President Dan Schwarzbach, of the Houston Police Dept. “The vehicles out are out there. Law enforcement's buying them. Law enforcement wants to use them.” A big concern, he said, is that “law enforcement is being shut down around the U.S. by the FAA,” which is posing onerous permit requirements on police agencies for UAV use. The show opens at the Orange County Convention Center July 11.   For related news


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