Australian Black Hawk Approached Ship "Too Fast"

By James T. McKenna | July 9, 2007

The pilot of an Australian army Black Hawk that crashed and sank off Fiji last year approached his shipboard landing spot too fast and his co-pilot lacked required crew-resource management (CRM) training. Those are among the points of testimony heard by a board of inquiry investigating the Nov. 29 crash off the deck of the HMAS Kanimbla, which killed two of the nine on the Sikorsky Aircraft helicopter, including the pilot. According to press reports, another Black Hawk pilot testified she thought Capt. Mark Bingley made his approach to the stationary ship too fast. All previous landings had been done while the Kanimbla was cruising. The co-pilot on the accident aircraft testified he had not completed mandatory CRM training, which the board was told was designed to give junior pilots the confidence “to speak fearlessly to their superiors on operational matters and to point out any potential problems, including mistakes on their superiors' behalf,” The Australian newspaper reported. For related news


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