Killer Escapes Prison in Helo—Again

By James T. McKenna | July 16, 2007

French police are searching for a convicted killer who escaped prison in a helicopter—for the second time, the      Reuters news service reports. The convict, Pascal Payet, known as Kalashnikov Pat because he reportedly used an AK-47 assault rifle to shoot a security guard 14 times, broke free of the Grasse prison in southeast France July 14. Prison officials said four masked men hijacked a helicopter in nearby Cannes and took the pilot hostage. They landed on the prison roof at the start of the night shift and used heavy machinery to break open two doors and enter the isolation ward where Payet was held. “The layout of the site did not allow the guards in the tower to shoot at the helicopter or the men,” a prison official told     Reuters. Payet escaped from the Luynes prison by helicopter in 2001 and flew himself there to free three friends in 2003, according to the news service.


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