Aviation Today Increases Interactivity

By Staff Writer | August 16, 2007

As part of its effort to enhance its role as the industry's number one online source for news, AviationToday.com has introduced a reader comment button for the major stories from its publications--Air Safety Week, Regional Aviation News, Aviation Maintenance, Avionics and Rotor & Wing. Trafficestimate.com said Aviation Today's page views and visitors have surpassed other online news sources. The new comment form, appearing at the bottom of stories, allows readers to comment on an article, bringing new insight to the subject. Editors will review all comments. Comments will be posted so they will appear with the story. This also allows readers to give editors story ideas on the news they'd like to see covered. Readers are encouraged to communicate with editors, whose philosophy is that we learn more from critics than we do from all those who pat us on the back. Of course, we don't mind the pats on the back either.


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