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By Staff Writer | September 1, 2007

CLAUDIO AGOSTINI joined the Rotor & Wing team in June 1999, writing from Brazil about Latin America. He is based in the city of São Paulo, which has more than 300 helicopters and 160 heliports. Claudio has more than 20 years of business and marketing experience in aerospace and defense. He consults on strategy and marketing and lectures about the helicopter market. He also actively participates in local events like Helitech, the International Helicopter Safety Team, the Brazilian Assn. of Helicopter Pilots (ABRAPHE) and Aviation Expo Helicopter Day.

STEVE COLBY is enjoying his recent retirement from the U.S. Air Force and its combat search and rescue community. Now working as a defense contractor, he is providing flight test engineering expertise and aviation- and electronic warfare-related technical consultation services to the U.S. Defense Dept. and civil aircraft operators.

WIM DAS (left) and KEES OTTEN (right) typically spend a half-day doing interviews and taking photos for their stories. So it was a pleasant surprise when the Dutch navy invited them for a three-day stay on the HMS Rotterdam helicopter carrier steaming at sea and gave them almost carte blanche on interviews, facilities, and base visits at the naval air station Den Helder. This month, we offer the first of their two-part story on helicopter operations of the Dutch navy.


MATT EVANS has been an instructor pilot at American Eurocopter for two years and is qualified in all AS350 models, the EC120, and the EC135. He is also an assistant chief instructor pilot for American Eurocopter’s Night Urban and Emergencies Course and is instrumental in new course development. Passionate about his craft, he draws from more than 7,000 hr of helicopter experience, ranging from firefighting, electronic news-gathering, film, powerline and aerial survey, long line, and numerous other types of charter work.

DANIELLE LATOUCHE worked as an intern at R&W between semesters at Oakwood College in Huntsville, Ala. She is to graduate from there this year with dual degrees in English/Professional Writing and Communications/Print Journalism. She still aspires to be a magazine journalist, despite our ardent efforts to point her toward a more lucrative occupation.

ERNIE STEPHENS began his aviation career in the 1980s when he earned his commercial pilot’s license and incorporated his own aerial photography company as a sideline to his job as a county police officer. He served as chief of the aviation unit until he retired in 2006. He now travels around the country as R&W’s law enforcement specialist and evaluation pilot. He has been writing for the magazine since 2003 and also contributes to Aviation Maintenance magazine.

WILLIAM STOICHEVSKI is a senior writer at Scandinavian Oil/Gas Magazine. He has flown on just about every type of helicopter operating to oil and gas installations in and around the North Sea. He has written extensively on the Russo-Norwegian oil and gas build up in the Barents Sea. A former Associated Press writer, he lives and works in Scandinavia.

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