Rotorcraft Report: Indian Companies Increase Air Transport

By Staff Writer | September 1, 2007


Helicopter companies in India are gearing up to ferry both business and tourist passengers in an effort to compete with fixed-wing companies. To keep up with the increasing trend, Pawan Hans Helicopters Ltd, the state-owned helicopter company, has proposed building a heliport in Delhi. It is not the only sign that the industry in India is growing.

Global Vectra Helicorp Ltd. has seen its profit jump almost 100 percent 125 million rupees ($3.07 million) in the year ending in March. In response to the increased profits and business, Global Vectra is planning to expand its fleet by 11 new helicopters ("Global Vectra to Expand its Fleet," April 2007, page 11).


Helicopter operators maintain the plan to compete with fixed-wing aircraft companies would facilitate quick transportation, especially for business customers who do not want to be held to a time schedule. Helicopter transport could also encourage tourism, said R.K. Tyagi, chairman and managing director of state-operated Pawan Hans. Most foreign tourists find traffic congestion a deterrent to visiting many popular tourist spots. The flights would also operate in search and rescue operations.

The Jammu and Kashmir government is planning to link the tourist destinations of Doodpathri and Bungus with helicopter service. Facilities are being constructed to accommodate anticipated business.

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