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VLJs May Seed Market for Rotorcraft

By Jim McKenna | September 4, 2007

What will the potentially explosive market for very light jets mean for rotorcraft? Good things, at least in the eyes of one industry executive. Reputable estimates of the market for these aircraft, defined by the National Business Aviation Assn. as those certificated for single-pilot operations and weighing 10,000 lb or less, range from the hundreds to the thousands. The FAA foresees about 5,000 of them flying, most in point-to-point air taxi service. Rather than these little jets being a threat to helicopters, AgustaWestland’s vice president of product marketing, Roberto Garavaglia, sees them as spurring interest in rotorcraft. “I anticipate VLJs will promote interest in aviation even further,” he told Rotor & Wing. That eventually would widen the market for rotorcraft, he said. For related news


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