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Los Angeles County Fire Department Ready To Buy Bell Helicopter 412EP

By Staff Writer | October 3, 2007

The Los Angeles County Fire Dept. is getting ready to buy a new Bell Helicopter 412EP. The price is $10.2 million. Now, the county’s fire fleet consists of three Sikorsky Aircraft Firehawks, six Bell 412s and one Bell 206. The 206 and one of the 412s do not have night-vision goggles. The new 412EP, said the county, is capable of carrying out the department’s services that include night water drops on brush fires. One of the 412s and the 206 will be sold through Bell Helicopter’s trade-in program, netting the department $1.64 million. Once the new Bell becomes operational, one of the older 412s will be sold through the county’s surplus sales bid process. For related news


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