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Bond SAR Super Pumas Fly 100th Mission

By James T. McKenna | December 19, 2007

Two search-and-rescue (SAR) Super Puma AS332L Mk2s flown by Bond Offshore Helicopters have flown 100 missions off- and onshore in the United Kingdom, the operator reports. The Eurocopter aircraft went into service in March 2006. The SAR configuration for the aircraft was developed under a 15-year contract to BP Exploration and its operating partners. The 100th-mission milestone was reached this week, Bond said, when one of the Super Pumas conducted a medevac flight to Aberdeen with a crewmember from the Lomond production platform. The aircraft are based at BP's Miller field production platform, in the central North Sea, and at Sumburgh Airport, Shetland. For related news


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