Rotorcraft Report: Coming Up  

By   | January 1, 2008

February 2008:

The Year Ahead — As the helicopter world gathers for its biggest trade show, we look at what 2008 may hold for rotorcraft, with focuses on:

A Sector-By-Sector Rundown — From aerial application to VIP transport, we plumb key players for what they expect from their markets in the coming year.


Regional Reviews — We break down the forecasts further by examining what 2008 may bring to each global region.

Helicopter Training — Check That Checklist. In the latest in our series on common mistakes, we share flight instructors’ tips for using checklists properly, and for looking for stuff not on the checklist. We also present key training news from manufacturers and flight schools in From The Factories and From The Fields.

Plus our line-up of regular columns — Rotorcraft Report (including Heard in the Hallways), Eye on Russia, Latin America Notebook, Eye on Maintenance, and Public Safety Notebook. Plus, Safety Watch.

Bonus Distribution: Heli-Expo 2008, Houston, Texas

March 2008:

Rotor Blade and Composite Repairs — We review the latest techniques and technologies for keeping these key parts airworthy, and the players to know in this market.

AgustaWestland A109 Operators’ Report — In the latest of our new reports on aircraft in the field, we examine AgustaWestland’s popular twin, its numerous variants, and the range of uses to which operators put it. We’ll review its hits and misses and survey the latest upgrades offered by vendors.

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