Rotorcraft Report: AirMed International Offers Free Weather Website for EMS Programs

By Staff Writer | February 1, 2008


AirMed International has created weatherturndown.com as a free weather tool Web site for use by rotary- and fixed-wing air medical transport programs.

The Birmingham, Ala.-based air ambulance company offers the service to allow medical transport programs to share current information regarding delays or cancellations due to weather.


The term "weather turndown" is a shorthand term for a takeoff, flight, or landing terminated or aborted because of inclement weather at a particular airport. Company officials said they hope that by having a centralized source for weather issues at airports and other facilities across the country, they can help EMS crews better serve their patients and keep safety at the forefront of their operations.

The site allows each EMS program to register one user, who would then add others from their program who can also access it. Once logged into the site, a visitor sees a landing page that includes a U.S. map highlighting which states have active weather turndown notices. By clicking on a state, a visitor will see a list of the active turndown notices in that state, as well as information on who posted the notice, and other information about the turndown where appropriate.

For more information about the weather turndown website, contact visit www.weatherturndown.com

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