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By Staff Writer | April 1, 2008

May 2008:

Air Med on the European Continent — We examine in depth the factors spurring (and limiting) development of air medical operations on the Continent.

Offshore Operations — As the offshore industry gathers in Houston for its annual Offshore Technology Conference, we look at what’s driving helicopter operations in the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, and elsewhere.

Satellite Tracking Your Fleet — In a related story, we review the latest offerings and applications for tracking helicopter fleets via satellite-based communications.


AgustaWestland A109 Operators’ Report — In the latest in our new series on aircraft in the field, we take a close look at this light twin and the uses that operators find for it, what they like and dislike about it, and the latest upgrades vendors are offering for it.

Bonus Distribution: 2008 Offshore Technology Conference, May 5-8, Houston, Texas; World Congress AirMed 2008, May 20-23, Prague, Czech Republic; EBACE 2008, May 20-22, Geneva, Switzerland.

June 2008:

Obstacle Avoidance — We take a comprehensive look at the latest efforts to field helicopter terrain-awareness and warning systems, as well as synthetic-vision, laser-based, and other obstacle-avoidance technologies.

Farnborough Preview — A look at what organizers and exhibitors plan for the biennial show outside London.

Rotor Blade and Composite Repairs — We review the latest techniques and technologies for keeping these key parts airworthy, and the players to know in this market.

Helicopter Training — Our latest bimonthly report on training issues, and news from flight schools, vendors, and aircraft manufacturers.

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