Metroport’s Emergency Response Drill

By Staff Writer | May 5, 2008

Emergency responders in metropolitan New York have conducted the latest in a series of helicopter-related drills.  During the April 26 drill at the East 34 Street Metroport in Manhattan, flight crews from medevac helicopters operated by the New Jersey State Police and Atlantic Air Ambulance familiarized fire and rescue personnel with the myriad of safety issues associated with loading injured citizens, extracting downed aircrews and fighting engine fires aboard rotorcraft. In return, the crew of a New York City fireboat taught heliport personnel how to safely help the occupants of an aircraft if one should ditch near one of the areas riverside heliports. HAI President Matt Zuccaro was in attendance and told R&W, “Every time I go, I pick up something I didn’t know before.” For related news


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