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By Staff Writer | June 1, 2008

July 2008:

The Economy and Helicopters — In this special report, we update you on what the rapidly changing developments in the U.S. and global economies, particularly in the financing segments of them, mean for your business of operating, manufacturing and supporting helicopters. We’ll look at the impact on buying and financing new and old helicopters, and the commercial rotorcraft market’s various segments, from air tours to VIP transport.

Helicopter Trends in Europe — We hone in on the latest trends in the business, regulation and development of helicopter operations in Europe, from mature and developing markets and public perception issues to European efforts to advance rotorcraft technology.


Law Enforcement Around the World — As the Airborne Law Enforcement Assn convenes its annual gathering in the United States, we review the state of law enforcement in the air around the world. This report will include updates on the state of funding for these efforts, evolving threats, the latest technology, and the impact of unmanned aircraft on these operations.

Taking the Night — We offer you an inside look at how the Royal Netherlands Air Force Apache crews train at night in the Netherlands to ready themselves for combat missions in Afghanistan in support of NATO and the United Nations- mandated International Security Assistance Force there.

Bonus Distribution: Farnborough Air Show, July 14-20, the United Kingdom; the Airborne Law Enforcement Assn 38th Annual Conference and Exposition, July 16-19, Houston, Texas.

August 2008:

The Next Generation of Rotorcraft — Updates on Bell’s 429 and its New Medium Twin, Bell/Agusta’s BA609, Eurocopter’s EC175, Robinson Helicopter’s R66, Schweizer’s 434, Sikorsky’s S-76D and X2, and initiatives in the works at AgustaWestland, Enstrom and MD Helicopters. This issue will look beyond these advancements to examine how manufacturers will fulfill future market requirements.

Completing the Completion Process — We examine the challenges of a successful aircraft modification project, focusing on recent completions of helicopters for corporate, emergency medical service and law enforcement customers. We’ll offer tips on how to ensure a successful completion.

Helicopter Training — This bimonthly special section will next focus on accidents common to instructional flights. We will review the training courses and services offered in the market at all levels — from entry level to advanced and specialized programs for specific missions and aircraft. We also will review the latest news and products available from simulation vendors, from software and desktop training devices all the way up to full-motion simulators.

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