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AW Grand Pilot Attempts World Record

By James T. McKenna | August 8, 2008

Pilot Scott Kasprowicz departed New York at about 0300 local Aug. 7 in an attempt to set a new speed record for an around-the-world helicopter flight. His goal is to complete the trip in under 14 days in his executive-configured A109S Grand. Attempt organizers said no additional fuel tanks or mission-specific modifications have been added to the Grand to improve performance. The objective is to cover more than 20,046 nm, with 65 fuel stops. The crew will travel eastbound across the Atlantic into Europe via Greenland, traverse western and eastern Europe into Russia, cross 14 time zones in Russia, return to North America over the Bering Strait and cross the U.S. and return to New York City. To achieve the record, Kasprowicz's aircraft must cross every meridian on the globe but is prohibited from travelling into the poles due to time and distance advantages. For related news


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