Rotorcraft Report: German Air Rescue’s Program Targets Crew Post-Mission Stress

By Staff Writer | September 1, 2008


Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht, or German Air Rescue, has set up what it says is a comprehensive program to help crewmembers manage post-mission stress.

Early this year, the DRF introduced the project for mission review and stress management for its crews. Now 20 staff members of its air rescue centers have finished training and will serve as counselors for colleagues dealing with the emotional effects of disastrous events. In surveys, where rescue team members were asked about helpful experiences after critical situations during their missions, conversations with colleagues were cited as most helpful. Especially in air rescue, crewmembers are confronted with extreme situations. "Crewmembers have to care for themselves and care for their colleagues; they should observe each other and learn their own ways how to deal with stress," explained Dr. Jörg Braun, DRF’s medical director.


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