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EMS-TAWS on NTSB Most Wanted List

By Staff Writer | October 29, 2008

On Oct. 28, the National Transportation Safety Board unanimously voted to place the FAA’s response to the lack of terrain awareness warning systems (TAWS) aboard emergency medical helicopters on its Most Wanted Transportation Safety Improvements list for aviation. This comes during an industry-wide spell of EMS helicopter crashes in the U.S. involving controlled flight into the ground or mountains in conditions of poor visibility. The board categorized the current level of TAWS aboard EMS helicopters and the FAA’s handling of the matter as “unacceptable response,” one of four categories a condition on the Most Wanted list can carry. The other three are:
•    Acceptable response, progressing slowly
•    Acceptable response, responding in a timely manner
•    Being assessed, clarification code to be arriving soon
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