Program Insider: Program Updates

By Staff Writer | November 1, 2008

Attack — Saudi Arabia wants $598 million worth of Apaches and associated equipment. This includes 12 AH-64D Block II Apache Longbows, 30 7-700-GE-701D engines, 12 modernized targeting acquisition and designation systems/pilot night vision sensors, four each AN/APG-78 fire control radars and AN/APR-48 radar frequency interferometers.

Attack — Pakistan could spend as much as $115 million if Congress approves a potential Foreign Military Sale of eight AH-1F Cobra helicopter refurbishments, associated equipment and services. The Pakistan Army uses the Cobras to conduct and support counterinsurgency and counter terrorism operations.

SAR — Egypt will spend $176 million for four Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawks with eight T-700-GE-701 engines, one spare engine, and associated avionics and weaponry. The helicopters will support a newly established military search and rescue operations center and assist with border security missions.


Utility — Brazil is looking to spend upward of $525 million for 15 Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk helicopters as well as associated equipment and services. The Black Hawk helicopters will be equipped with 30 General Electric (GE) T-700-GE-701C engines, two spare T-700-GE-701C engines, external and internal fuel tanks, warranty, internal and external hoist kits and other equipment, and will include contractor engineering and technical support services and other related elements of logistics support.

Utility — Mississippi and Louisiana National Guard each now have four LUHs and will receive another four in 2011. Florida National Guard now has two Lakotas and will acquire another two. EADS expected 37 aircraft to be fielded at the end of September. Another four aircraft will be delivered to the Army, but will be retrofitted with some equipment before fielding. EADS production will remain at three Lakotas a month through January 2009, then ramp up to four LUHs per month from February through August 2009.

Utility — Canadian Forces will buy six used U.S. Chinook CH-47Ds, to support their Afghanistan operations. The total program cost, which includes training, support, spares and the helicopters, is valued at roughly $250 million.

Utility — BAE Systems wants to add a hostile fire detection system into its Remote Guardian System (RGS), the all-quadrant defensive weapon system for the V-22. The hostile fire system will identify, classify and slew to target. RGS is a turreted weapon system that consists of an interchangeable turreted sensor and interchangeable turreted Gatling gun. The SOCOM contract has a potential value of $16.3 million.

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