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Aeronautical Accessories

By Staff Writer | January 1, 2009

Aeronautical Accessories Inc., a division of Edwards & Associates, Inc. "Aeronautical" has been the worldwide leader in helicopter accessories and replacement parts since 1979. Aeronautical designs, manufactures, markets, warehouses, and distributes state-of-the-art FAA/STC approved products and accessories that enhance the operation, safety, and versatility of helicopters. On October 6, 2008, Aeronautical Accessories received AS9100 certification, which emphasizes Aeronautical’s commitment to quality management.

The product line consists of over 350 individual STCs that encompass more than 1,900 individual products. These include landing gear, windows, interior trim replacements, Wire Strike Protection System kits, inlet barrier filters, as well as a large number of specialty and mission specific products. The products are distributed through a worldwide network that covers over 110 countries.

In 2004, Aeronautical added Acadian Composites services to their already diverse range of offerings. Acadian is a leader in composite panels for helicopters and is constantly working to expand capabilities, product offerings, facilities, and workforce to bring customers the very best replacement composite panels for the rotorcraft industry. They maintain a large inventory of off-the-shelf panels and offer the industry’s fastest turn time for specialized repairs.


Acadian works closely with OEMs and the FAA, to develop new techniques and processes which ensure their panels are competitive in price, fit correctly, and are manufactured to the same high standard as the original part. Additionally, Acadian is constantly working with various OEMs to add new panels to their direct ship authority approval and in many cases can supply a brand new factory part.

By listening to customer feedback and planning ahead for future industry needs, Aeronautical Accessories excels at meeting customer requirements and providing exceptional customer service and technical support. Our products are inspected by trained quality professionals to ensure that each product delivers the performance, reliability and quality that Aeronautical is known for.

Aeronautical Accessories Inc. offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Bristol, TN.

Acadian Composites is located in Lafayette, LA.

Come by and visit us at HAI; we will be co-located with Bell Helicopter in Booth #3975 and pick up your new copy of our 2009 Product Catalog.

Aeronautical Accessories, Inc.

PO Box 3689

Bristol, TN 37625-3689

Ph. (800) 251-7094

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