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By Staff Writer | January 1, 2009

Rolls-Royce produces one of the broadest turboshaft and turboprop engine families available in the world, with a power range stretching from 300 shp to more than 7,300 shp.

This industry-leading fleet of 18,000 engines has accumulated more than 200 million flying hours powering light, fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters and uninhabited unmanned aerial vehicles systems in both the civil and military markets. Since 2007, two new engines have been added to the portfolio of products; the RR300 turboshaft and the RR500 turboprop.

Rolls-Royce supports its 4,500 operators through the global Rolls-Royce Model 250 FIRST network of 27 service centers and 170 Rolls-Royce technical representatives.


2008 Highlights

During these challenging economic times, the Rolls-Royce Helicopter business is fortunate to have a wide range of products and a solid strategy that has positioned it well to serve our customers now and in the future. Though demanding, 2008 has been a successful year for this family of engines.

The newest turboshaft engine, the RR300, was FAA certified ahead of schedule in late 2007, followed shortly thereafter by the first flight of a production RR300 powered Robinson R66 aircraft. In March 2008, the Rolls-Royce facility in Indianapolis, Indiana opened it’s Small Engine Assembly Line that incorporates the latest in lean manufacturing techniques. In July 2008, Rolls-Royce signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Rotorway International to explore options for RR300 powered aircraft.

The CTS800 engine, manufactured by LHTEC (a partnership between Rolls-Royce and Honeywell), received EASA certification in August 2008 and recently reached a milestone of 42,000 hours of operation. The engine was chosen to power the Turkish ATAK, manufactured by AgustaWestland.

The RTM322 achieved a significant milestone in 2008, logging 100,000 flight hours powering the UK Army Corps’ fleet of AgustaWestland Apache helicopters. It also accomplished a triple success with orders to power new twin-engine NH90 helicopter fleets in France, Belgium and New Zealand.

The reliable Model 250 engine had yet another thriving year in 2008. The 30,000th Model 250 engine was delivered and celebrated in March at Heli-Expo in Houston, Texas. The Model 250-B17 turbo prop variant was displayed in a new application, the O&N Turbine 340, at the EAA AirVenture show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The U.S. Army and Rolls-Royce successfully executed a CLS aftermarket program and achieved all 140 T63 engine overhauls on time.

Rolls-Royce introduced its second new engine in 18 months when the RR500 turboprop for the general aviation market was launched in July 2008. An MOU was signed with Mooney Aircraft shortly after the launch to explore opportunities. Talks with other major OEMs to explore RR500 applications continue.

Aftermarket Services

For more than 46 years, civil and military customers around the world have depended on Rolls-Royce to provide safe and cost- effective support solutions that meet their demanding operational needs.

Meeting the critical demands of thousands of customers located in more than 120 countries isn’t taken lightly by the Rolls-Royce Helicopter team. Combining the capability and capacity of 37 globally located service and repair centers with Aviall, the industry leader in aerospace material management and distribution, has resulted in customer fill rates exceeding 95%, giving our customers the confidence to reduce material inventory levels while feeling confident that they will still meet their mission commitments.

Fully integrated MRO and material distribution, regional on-site field service support, access to factory customer support 24/7 and a comprehensive range of tailored support products are what customers expect to meet their demanding operational needs. This is what they have come to expect from Rolls-Royce for more than four decades.

Rolls-Royce Helicopter Engines

Matt Haugk,

Director, Marketing & Strategy


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