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S-TEC/Chelton Flight Systems

By Staff Writer | January 1, 2009

Stronger Together

As part of Cobham Avionics, S-TEC and Chelton Flight Systems have merged to create an Integrated Systems Center of Excellence in Mineral Wells, Texas. The move is part of Cobham’s drive to develop a fully integrated cockpit and improve its customer focus.

The capabilities of S-TEC and Chelton are highly complementary, with products from both businesses certified together on more than 500 aircraft types. In total, the two businesses have certified equipment and systems on some 2,000 types of fixed and rotary wing aircraft for the general and business aviation markets.


S-TEC/Chelton Flight Systems’ helicopter mission is to provide products that deliver unparalleled situational awareness and unprecedented safety and control.

FlightLogic EFIS

Operators of medium and light helicopters have made Chelton Flight Systems’ FlightLogic the #1 selling 3D Synthetic Vision EFIS. With it, pilots can improve operational capability, reduce accidents, enhance productivity, as well as safely and confidently fly the most challenging missions.

The FlightLogic EFIS integrates breakthroughs like 3D Synthetic Vision, graphical Flight Management System (FMS), Highway-In-The-Sky (HITS) navigation, Hover Vector, Head-Up Display (HUD) symbology, Unusual Attitude Recovery (UAR), helicopter TAWS, and much more in a single, intuitive display.

Unlike conventional flight instruments, FlightLogic provides real time 3D navigation, terrain, towers, traffic, HTAWS, HITS, and FMS in a single, integrated system. The result is tremendously enhanced awareness, unprecedented safety, greater productivity, and a dramatically reduced pilot workload.

Chelton’s Synthetic Vision EFIS is STC’d for Bell 204/205/206/210/407, Eurocopter AS 350/355 and the EC 120B.

Highway-In-The-Sky (HITS)

HITS allows flight with ILS precision to any point in the world. The route appears on the PFD as a series of green boxes superimposed over the flowing terrain of the 3D Synthetic Vision. Simply fly through the boxes to follow the route.

Helicopter TAWS

HTAWS gives critical visual and audio cues when terrain or obstacles present a hazard. Class A or B HTAWS in the Chelton EFIS increases situational awareness and safety by monitoring multiple situations – terrain or obstructions one minute ahead, hazardous AGL conditions, high descent rate at low altitude, and sink rate detection after takeoff or during a missed approach.

Hover Vector

Hover Vector enhances productivity, providing precise feedback during surveillance, long-line work, and other precision procedures. When airspeed drops below 30 knots, the Flight Path Marker on the Primary Flight Display converts to a "bulls-eye" ringed by concentric circles that delineate 15- and 30-knot ground speeds.

Digital Flight Recording

The EFIS records all flight data from the last five flights of unlimited length, allowing route analysis, training, accident investigation/defense, and exceedance monitoring.


S-TEC/Chelton’s continuing quest to improve helicopter safety and productivity continues with the ongoing development of HeliSAS, the first affordable, lightweight stability augmentation and autopilot for medium and light helicopters. HeliSAS will enable hands-free flight while maintaining heading or navigation course and attitude – even during turbulent conditions – resulting in increased safety and workload reduction.

HeliSAS is lightweight at 12.7 lbs. installed, expandable from Stability Augmentation System (SAS)-only to SAS + full autopilot, and easy to install. HeliSAS will be STC’d for the Robinson R44 in mid-2009, with the Bell 206/407 to follow thereafter.

Contact S-TEC/Chelton Flight Systems today. Find out why air medical transport, law enforcement, offshore support, private owners, and businesses have made S-TEC/Chelton Flight Systems their preferred supplier of helicopter avionics.

S-TEC/Chelton Flight Systems,

One S-TEC Way, Municipal Airport,

Mineral Wells, TX 76067.


Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Greg Plantz,

Director of Marketing, Rob Creighton,

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