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By Staff Writer | January 1, 2009

Simplex Manufacturing is committed to providing premier aviation products to the field of Fire Management, Agricultural Applications, Emergency Medical Response, and now Power Line Maintenance. With over 63 years of expertise, the Simplex team is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer support worldwide.

SMC is entering its 64th year of engineering and manufacturing excellence. The company is proud of the generations of operators that have expanded fleet utilization with the Company’s product lines.

Here are some of the innovative applications being offered today by Simplex:


Fire Fighting

The lightweight and aerodynamic Simplex Fire Attack® system enables operators to quickly convert helicopters into rapid-response firefighting machines. Tanks may be filled on the ground, or in-flight with hover refill systems. Fill rates range from 300 to 2,000 gallons per minute. Tanks are available for helicopters manufactured by Agusta, Bell, Eurocopter, Kamov, Kazan, and Sikorsky.

Agricultural Spraying

Lightweight Simplex Application Tanks are very durable, resistant to chemicals, and easy to install and remove. Many models offer the option of hydraulic or electric drives. Agricultural spray systems are available for helicopters manufactured by Eurocopter, Hiller, Bell, Schweizer, MDHI, Kamov, and Kazan.

Power Line Equipment

Simplex now offers a new line of helicopter airborne Power Line Maintenance equipment. One such product, the Simplex Manufacturing Aerial Residue Removal Technology (SMARRT) System, is a high-pressure insulator washer. The SMARRT System has been specifically designed for use with the Bell 407 helicopter, and design is currently in development for the AS350/355 series helicopters.

Oil Spill Response

As the demand for offshore energy resources continues to rise, Simplex continues to produce application systems that respond quickly and reliably to minimize environmental damage caused by oil spills. The Simplex multi-capacity Model 6860 Underslung Spray System provides the ability to apply various oil dispersants with the use of any helicopter equipped with a cargo hook.

Rapid Response

Call the Simplex rapid response line anytime at (503) 257-3511 for price quotes and complete customer support.

Simplex Manufacturing Co.

13340 NE Whitaker Way

Portland OR 97230, USA

Phone: (503) 257-3511, Fax: (503) 257-8556

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