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Timken Aftermarket Solutions

By Staff Writer | January 1, 2009

For compehensive aerospace after-market solutions. Timken is the name to know. In fact with its recent acquisition of EXTEX, Timken Aftermarket Solutions, based in Mesa, Ariz., now has the world’s largest inventory of quality replacement parts for aircraft engines (RR250, PT6, T53, T56, and APUs). The company currently stocks more than 15,000 individual parts.

Customers worldwide also turn to Timken Aftermarket Solutions for engine and helicopter drivetrain overhauls bearing repair, and innovative part repairs.

In addition to 600 new PMAs, Timken Aftermarket Solutions offers a full range of parts for the RR250 engine, primarily used in Bell 206 and 407, MD 500, and Sikorsky S-76 helicopters. In 2007, Timken acquired the assets of The Purdy Corporation, which further strengthened Timken’s capabilities in helicopter drivetrains and complex engine and gearbox components. The company also provides a broad range of replacement parts, bearing repair, and engine overhaul capabilities for the T53 engines that power Bell UH-1, Huey and AH-1.


Customers worldwide also turn to Timken Aftermarket Solutions for engine and helicopter drivetrain for the Bell UH-1 and AH-1.

For the T56 engine, which powers the Lockheed C130, Timken provides replacements parts, and bearing repairs in addition. Timken now offers more APU replacement parts than ever before to complement its well-known bearing repair capabilities.

In addition to its broad spectrum of OEM-licensed and FAA-approved replacement products for engines, gear-boxes and auxiliary systems, Timken has a proven record of superior quality. Customers benefit from Timken’s proven technology and reconditioning methods, knowing that Timken products will meet even the most demanding requirements.

Timken’s precision manufacturing methods are especially noteworthy. Timken’s casting method produces precision parts that require little, if any, final finishing. By handling all steps in the casting operation, including design, machining, heat transferring, finishing and testing, Timken is able to meet the most demanding needs at a single location, with no third-party sources. This also allows for strong manufacturing engineering and continual investment in advanced process technology.

Factory-trained technicians overhaul everything from commercial and military aircraft engines to helicopter drivetrain components. Fleet management, exchange programs, and reconditioning services deliver comprehensive life cycle solutions to aircraft operators. While reducing MRO costs through repairs and replacement components, Timken’s dedicated team of technical and logistical professionals deliver nonstop service, providing customers with a balance of proven performance, consistent availability and competitive value.

Timken Aftermarket Solutions displays commitment to the aerospace aftermarket by focusing their global technology resources on enhancing product design and capabilities to meet the latest aviation challenges.

Timken Aftermarket Solutions is pact of the Timken Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of highly engineered bearings, alloy steels and related components and assemblies. By applying our knowledge of friction management and power transmission, Timken helps customers’ products run smoother, faster and more cost effectively.

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