FAA Issues Emergency AD for Bell

By Staff Writer | March 20, 2009

Regarding yesterday's story about thousands of Bell 407s, 427s and 206 A, B and L series grounded due to an improperly installed bearing: The FAA today issued Emergency AD 2009-07-52, which says in part “Since the issuance of Emergency AD 2009-07-51, we have determined that we should have limited the applicability of Emergency AD 2009-07-51 to lever assemblies with less than 50 hours time-in-service (TIS). Therefore, we are issuing this superseding Emergency AD to … reduce the applicability to only those helicopters with lever assemblies that have less than 50 hours TIS that may be affected by the unsafe condition.”  Note: Bell in its Alert Service Bulletin, issued March 10, and Transport Canada in its Emergency AD, issued March 12, limited applicability to aircraft or cyclics with 50 or fewer hours of service. For related news


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