Rotorcraft Report: SRT Teaches Chinese SAR

By Staff Writer | April 1, 2009


SRT Helicopters has been hired to teach advanced aerial Search and Rescue (SAR) techniques to the Chinese Ministry of Transport’s Rescue & Salvage Bureau. The Bureau has purchased four new Sikorsky S-76C++ helicopters, doubling its SAR fleet to eight S-76C helicopters. SRT’s job is to provide indepth SAR training to bureau pilots, crew chiefs and rescue personnel to enhance their SAR capabilities. It is doing so in conjunction with the S-76C++ purchase.

"We’re going to China to teach the ‘Total Crew Concept,’" said SRT Helicopters president and CEO Chris Gadbois. "Traditionally, in the normal helicopter world, pilots, flight crews, SAR and EMS crews do their training separately. There’s not a lot of focus on the entire crew training concept."


The Total Crew Concept is aimed at helping crews not just work together, but to forge the kind of trust that allows them to admit mistakes, make improvements, and generally create a more cohesive, capable collective. "It’s not a new concept. We’ve espoused it to the Rescue & Salvage Bureau for a while, and they’ve got a good program in place," Gadbois told Rotor & Wing. SRT’s team will be heading to Beijing in the summer to teach a month-long course.

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