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Helicopter Struck by Paintball

By Staff Writer | May 13, 2009

The Lufkin Daily News is reporting that a medical helicopter at Pineywoods Hospital in Lufkin, Texas, was struck by a paintball on March 11. Paintballs are .68 caliber-size, paint-filled plastic membranes fired from gas-powered rifles. They are used as non-lethal ammunition in simulated war games, marking the “victim” with brightly colored paint to verify the hit. The aircraft, which was being repositioned from the helipad to make room for an arriving helicopter, had to be taken out of service to undergo a full, precautionary inspection. “Only words that cannot be printed here suffice to express our absolute outrage over this incident,” read the response on, a Web site dedicated to the sport of paintballing. Local law enforcement officials in Lufkinhave no suspects at this time. What is a paintball?


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