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By Staff Writer | June 1, 2009


On April 23, Aviation Today hosted the webinar, "Today’s Best Opportunities in Rotorcraft." R&W’s Editor-in-Chief Ernie Stephens, President of Hughes Aerospace Chris Baur, and Senior Aerospace Analyst from Forecast International Raymond Jaworowski joined R&W’s editorial director and the host of the session, John Persinos. The hour-long webinar’s topics, included the current economic slump and how it will affect the industry, where the current market shares are and even touched on the value of UAVs.

When asked how the helicopter market is fairing during these tough economic times, Jaworowski said, "North America is still the largest single geographic regional market for civil helicopters. But, most sales over the past couple of years have actually come from outside of North America, which is a big change from previous years. And of course, the economic downturn has affected other regions of the world very quickly. But not to the same extent as it has here at home. And there are certain regions like the Middle East that have, so far, been relatively unscathed. That diversity in geographic demand for helicopters is also helping the industry kind of ride out the tide."


The webinar was interactive, so when a participant asked why the industry’s OEMs aren’t sharing knowledge of best practices so that everyone can benefit, Baur answered, "I think if you look to how we could turn the corner there with the accident rate, there’s a lot of benefit in the operators getting together and comparing notes, comparing information, looking at different training programs. And I think this could create a fundamental shift in the industry’s accident rate."

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