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By Staff Writer | August 1, 2009

Love it or Move

Concerning a recent article on your website, "High Fliers in Hamptons Irk Ground-Bound," that states "East Hampton Airport’s complaint hotline registers about 100 calls each summer Friday and Sunday, about 95 of them complaining of helicopters," I say, "Let them eat cake." We should empathize with residents of the Hamptons? What we need is an "incentive program" that provides scholarships for the "old money" Hamptons residents to take helicopter lessons and then finance the purchase of their own machines. This would be a wise use of tax money. If they want to be free of helicopter noise, they should move to a neighborhood where residents cannot afford them.

Howie Fuller Greenville, NH


Presidential S-92?

Sikorsky has been the leading example of [producing] Presidential helicopters. The S-92 was already in action when they asked for bids. Except for the special interior, avionics and secret technology that will be installed, the S-92 is already proven, tested and produced.

Bruce Ray Former HH-60 Instructor Pilot US Army

Another Silver State Victim

Regarding the story, "Silver State Helicopters: What Really Happened" (see R&W, March 2009), my son was one of the students affected by this fiasco. I found your website in search of updates on what is happening with the investigation. Is there another place to be going? Though I am not a student, is there something that I can be doing to help out on this? My son, like many others, is not strong on believing that our voices will make a difference. While I am in no way involved financially on his loan, I still think what happened there is an atrocity and would like to see something done, [hopefully] justice.

Name Withheld

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