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2009 Editors’ Choice: Panel Upgrades

By Staff Writer | December 1, 2009

ICDS Centralizes Display Controls

Sagem Avionics’ integrated cockpit display system (ICDS) is a multi-role unit that can serve as a multifunction display (MFD), primary flight display (PFD), engine monitoring system (EMS), navigation display (ND), or a combination of those displays, depending on configuration. Available in 10.4, 8.4 and 6.4-inch versions, the ICDS series shows alphanumeric text and graphical formats that enhances situational awareness, increases flight safety and efficiency, and lowers pilot workload, according to the Safran Group subsidiary. Sagem Avionics, 1-972-314-3600,

REBTECH Offers Panel Innovations


REB Technologies has recently worked with Becker Avionics to supply internally modified transponders, models BXP 6402 and BXP 6403 (FAA approved) that meet Mil-Spec and civilian FAA lighting specifications. REBTECH continues to offer new and innovative night vision capabilities, including FAA TSO’d Nivisys night vision goggles. The company also has a strategic partnership with Night Flight Concepts in Port St. Lucie, Fla., to offer night vision training. The company has recently introduced avionics instrumentation, modifying several components internally and externally based on customer requirements. REB Technologies is also highly regarded for strong after sales support and 24-hour AOG spares support. REB Technologies, 1-817-285-7740,

Honeywell Primus Epic Integrated Avionics System

Honeywell’s Primus Epic integrated avionics system provides functionality, improved situational awareness and flexibility for helicopters. Featuring large liquid crystal flat panel displays, the integrated navigation (INAV) and graphical flight planning (GFP) allows for the quick, safe modification of flight plans with the ability to monitor weather, terrain, and air traffic. The flexible liquid crystal displays are scalable, allowing charts, maps, and electronic engine instrumentation images to be re-sized for easier viewing with both 2D and 3D graphic models. Because Primus Epic functions are software-based, this avionics suite delivers value as system updates, like future communication, navigation, and CNS/ATM-related products, are simple to install. Honeywell, 1-800-601-3099,

Avalex Moving Map System with Aeronautical Chart Overlays

From one of our law enforcement specialists come the recommendation for the Avalex AMS7100 mapping system. He says it delivers digital maps and easy-to-use controls. It gives the flexibility to customize the system and displayed maps to meet many mapping needs. The company boasts that the AMS7100 is manufactured on an FAA-approved assembly line and that it has been DO-160 and Mil-Spec qualified. Avalex Technologies Corp., 1-850-470-8464,

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