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Cobham Avionics

By Staff Writer | January 1, 2010

Through two centers of excellence in Mineral Wells, Texas and Prescott, Arizona, Cobham Avionics delivers component and integrated system solutions for civilian, air ambulance, law enforcement, SAR, EMS, electronic news gathering, military and marine applications. With end-to-end avionics solutions, the requirements of a variety of airborne applications can be met through platform-specific implementation of the following core competencies: 3D synthetic vision, EFIS/EICAS, FMS, HITS predictive flight director, HTAWS, ADAHRS/GPS sensors, engine/airframe data acquisition, autopilots/stability augmentation systems, VHF nav & com, emergency locator transmitters, GPS/WAAS, audio control and distribution, civil and tactical communications, multi-band radios, ARCDU/ARMS, PA and loudhailers, aural warning generators, data converters, airborne file servers and networking, tactical surveillance video, and FAA/EASA certification.

Leveraging a global presence, both FAA and EASA certifications, a broad technology base and existing OEM positions with Agusta, Airbus, Bell, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault, Eurocopter and Raytheon, Cobham Avionics offers high value solutions for virtually any avionics application.

Cobham Avionics, Communications: audio, ELTs, power inverters, radios, servers 6400 Wilkinson Drive Prescott, Ariz. Phone: 1-928-708-1550 E-mail:


Cobham Avionics, Integrated Systems: autopilots, EFIS, sensors, stability augmentation systems One S-TEC Way Municipal Airport Mineral Wells, Texas 76067 Phone: 1-817-215-7600 E-mail:

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