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Hot Products: February 2010

By Staff Writer | February 1, 2010

Sherwin-Williams AfterGlo Now Available for Commercial Aircraft

A specialized paint from Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings and Defense Holdings Inc. allows commercial helicopter rotors and aircraft propellers to glow in the dark. AfterGlo photo-luminescent paint kit AD110 is applied to the tips of main and tail rotors on helicopters, and along the edge of propeller blades on fixed-wing aircraft, making them visible to ground crews and other airport-based staff in nighttime conditions. Defense Holdings won a contract to develop the coating in 2004, and formed a partnership with Sherwin-Williams in 2005. Originally developed for helicopters and jets operating on aircraft carriers, AfterGlo received certification in May 2008. Rich Martin, president of Defense Holdings, notes that the paint “doesn’t affect the use of night vision goggles.” Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings, 1-888-888-5593 or visit

Aero Dynamix Night Vision Receives Schweizer STC


FAA has awarded a supplemental type certificate (STC) to Aero Dynamix of Euless, Texas to equip the Schweizer 300C and 300C-1 with its night vision lighting system. To achieve certification, Aero Dynamix used a 300C from Denton, Texas-based Longhorn Helicopters. FAA completed flight tests and conformity inspections for the STC on Dec. 18, and issued the certificate a few days later. Aero Dynamix holds approvals for night vision lighting on 28 different aircraft models. For more information call 1-817-571-0729 or visit

Aerospace Filtration Secures Bell 430 Approval

FAA has granted a supplemental type certificate to Aerospace Filtration Systems to install its inlet barrier filter (IBF) on the Bell 430. AFS, a division of Donaldson Company’s Aerospace & Defense group, has headquarters in St. Louis, Mo. AFS teamed with an offshore energy operator to flight-test the filter. The IBF system features sealed intake plenum on each engine intake, an intake bypass system, compact cockpit switch and integral filter maintenance aid, which enables on-condition inspections between scheduled cleanings. Robert Stenberg, business development director for AFS, says the filter is useful for offshore, corporate, HEMS and other situations to “reduce the likelihood of engine damage from foreign object debris salt-spray corrosion and other contaminants.” Aerospace Filtration Systems, 1-636-300-5200 or visit

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