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Rotorcraft Report: Sikorsky, Goodrich Partner on HUMS

By By Emily Feliz, Managing Editor, Avionics magazine | February 1, 2010

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Goodrich Sensors and Integrated Systems has inked a memorandum of understanding with Helicopter Support Inc., the support and distribution company of Sikorsky, to jointly promote a health and usage management system (HUMS) for the rotorcraft market, including for Black Hawk operators. Integrating HUMS data with Sikorsky’s OEM installation and support capabilities “enables a breakthrough, proactive maintenance system that lowers operating costs and increases fleet availability,” the companies stated in making the announcement.

The Goodrich division designed the HUMS unit, which monitors the mechanical characteristics of the helicopter to allow more predictive maintenance. The company’s Integrated Vehicle Health Monitoring System (IVHMS) is fielded on a variety of military and commercial platforms, including U.S. Army UH-60A/L/M and CH-47D, U.S. Navy and Marine Corps MH-60R/S, AH-1Z, UH-1Y, and CH-53E platforms, and the S-92 and S-76D. Goodrich recently delivered its 400th IVHMS to the military in Iraq. Since the beginning of the program roughly a decade ago, Goodrich has delivered more than 2,000 of its systems.


“What we probably couldn’t say several years ago is we’re delivering a real measurable benefit to the solider and the commercial operator,” said Marc Brodeur, business development director of vehicle health management systems for Goodrich Sensors and Integrated Systems. “[The system] is really proving itself out in combat. It started as a safety tool; it still is a safety tool, but I think the real cost-savings and the operational readiness benefits that the system provides has kind of changed the focus of the operator,” he added.

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