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By Staff Writer | March 1, 2010

Aero Dynamix Offers L-3 M949 Gen III Night Vision Goggles

Night vision systems provider Aero Dynamix of Euless, Texas has become a full line distributor for L-3 Electro-Optical Systems’ M949 Generation III night vision goggles. The goggles are built to DO-275 standards with Class B filters, and versions with Class A and C filters are also available. The M949 has an image intensifier tube, interface controls, 25mm eyepieces, a clip-on power source and a low-profile AA battery pack that attaches to the helmet. Contact Aero Dynamix by phone at 1-817-571-0729, e-mail or visit

Flight Display Systems Introduces HD-DVR


Alpharetta, Ga.-based Flight Display Systems unveiled its FDHDR200 high-definition digital video recorder during Heli-Expo in late February. Designed for rugged use, the HD-DVR provides up to eight hours of record time in 1080i resolution from an HD-SDI camera or other SDI source. The company says the unit, which comes with two 32GB CompactFlash cards, takes up 50 percent less installation space than a traditional VHS recorder. FDHDR200 comes in two variants, including a remote cockpit configuration for helicopters. Initial deliveries of the HD-DVR were scheduled to start in late February. Flight Display Systems can be reached at 1-678-867-6717 or on the web at

Obstacle Warning System Undergoes Flight Trials

In partnership with the Aviation Applied Technology Directorate (AATD), Fort Worth, Texas-based Elbit Systems of America has completed flight tests for its SWORD obstacle warning system for helicopters. Elbit Systems affiliate Electro-Optics Elop also participated in the trails, which were carried out late in 2009 as part of a cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA). SWORD is a laser radar (LADAR) that provides obstacle detection alerts in real time for helicopter pilots operating at low altitudes or in hazardous weather conditions. Flight tests were completed on AATD’s EH-60L. For more details, contact Elbit Systems of America at 1-817-234-6799 or visit

Eye-Lite Camera Available from Premier Electronics

UK-based Premier Electronics has introduced Eye-Lite, a continuous zoom thermal imaging camera that provides night vision capability for both airborne and ground military and paramilitary surveillance operations. Eye-Lite has two basic versions, a 320 x 240 InSb FPA and a large-format 640 x 480 version, and can be configured for short-term and long-term applications. Premier Electronics, +44 0199-247-8321or visit

Donaldson IBF Ideal for Mountain Operations

Bloomington, Minn.-based Donaldson Company’s Aerospace & Defense division has installed its inlet barrier filter (IBF) on Eurocopter AS350s for Air Dynasty Heli Services of Nepal. The filters are protecting engines that operate near the world’s highest mountain peak, landing at up to 16,000 feet asl. Based in St. Louis, Mo., the Aerospace & Defense division supplies IBFs for the AgustaWestland AW119/119Ke and AW139; Bell 205A1, 206B and L-variants, 407, 429 and 430; Eurocopter EC130 and AS350 models; and MD Helicopters 369H series, MD500D/E/F and MD900/902. Contact Donaldson Aerospace & Defense at 1-952-887-3435, toll-free (U.S./Canada) at 1-866-323-0394 or visit

beyerdynamic HS 600 Removes Background Noise

Germany’s beyerdynamic has upgraded its HS 600 digital adaptive noise reduction (DANR) aviation headset to include an Executive version. HS 600 Executive features a leather headband, soft ear seals with a visco elastic material, glossy wood ear cup finish and a black audio box, where the user can plug in a mobile phone or MP3 player. The headset also has a microprocessor with a beyerdynamic-developed software algorithm. The company says that background noise from traditional analog headsets is “completely eliminated” with DANR headsets. List price of the HS DANR Executive is $818. It is available at and various pilot shops. For more details, contact beyerdynamic at 1-239-283-7880 or visit

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