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Hot Products June 2010

By Staff Writer | June 1, 2010

Get Paid Faster with Appareo’s Fleet Management Device

The Appareo FMD gives operators a mobile device to automate data collection, speed billing and reduce accounts receivable days. Designed to fit any type of operation, it captures accurate flight information to cut down on paperwork, minimize customer disputes and simplify data collection. The FMD reduces flight crew workloads with tools such as PAX tracking, weather, weight and balance calculation, and trip planning. In today’s challenging economic climate, the Appareo FMD is the perfect choice for operators seeking to make the most of every dollar. For more details, contact Appareo Systems, phone 1-701-356-2200 or visit

ULM for Ultra Low Maintenance Aircraft Batteries


ULM® Ni-Cd, first developed by Saft, offers reduced maintenance by over 50 percent, all the while preserving the advantages of our standard high-performance product range. ULM technology provides you with:

1). Reduced maintenance due to reduced water consumption,

2). Low life cycle cost thanks to exceptionally long battery life,

3). Reduced weight as a result of lightweight Plastic Bonded electrodes (PBE), and

4). Form, Fit & Function interchangeability.

Saft batteries are the industry’s benchmark because they are custom engineered and qualified in close cooperation with the aircraft manufacturer to match the specifications of your aircraft. As a result, the company offers a broad range of batteries that include more than 400 designs optimized for both energy and power. Up to now, Saft is the only brand capable of providing your aircraft with unmatched solutions in terms of performance, reliability and durability—all for the lowest total cost of ownership. If you would like to see how much money you can save by using a long lasting Saft battery, contact us to obtain a detailed Life Cycle Cost analysis. Saft Batteries can be reached at +33 (0)1 49 93 18 25 or on the web at

HotSeat Chassis Unveils Pilot Pro 6.0

Terryville, Conn.-based HotSeat Chassis has introduced its Emulation Pilot Pro 6.0, a six-screen flight simulator. Emulation Pilot Pro 6.0 supplies an “in the cockpit” experience with a 200-degree field-of-view including left, center and right viewpoints using three HD screens. Cockpit instruments are displayed on three additional monitors, including an overhead view. The system uses HotSeat’s Flight Sim PC and Slide-A-Way screens as part of its design. Find out more by contacting HotSeat Chassis at 1-860-582-5031 ext. 126 or visiting

Mecaer SILENS Receives AW139 Approval

EASA has issued certification for SEI’s SILENS cabin noise and vibration reduction system on the AgustaWestland AW139. The system, developed in a partnership between the manufacturer and the Mecaer Aviation Group subsidiary, lowers cabin noise levels and various flight conditions. Mecaer anticipates FAA certification of the system in the coming weeks. SEI has completed more than 280 interiors for AgustaWestland AW109s and AW139, and is pursuing a project for VIP cabins in the AW101. More information is available by calling +3903 228 3711 or visiting

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