Hot Products July 2010

By Staff Writer | July 1, 2010

Appareo Offers ALERTS Vision 1000

A joint development between Appareo Systems and Eurocopter, the ALERTS Vision 1000 gives any operator the ability to benefit from a comprehensive FDM program. As part of the award-winning ALERTS system, the Vision 1000 wraps cockpit imaging and flight data monitoring into one device. The system captures critical inertial and positioning data (i.e., location, attitude, etc.), as well as cockpit imagery (instrument panel, flight controls, partial exterior view) and audio. The flight data and video are stored to a robust memory module as well as a removable SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) card for use in Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) programs. The Vision 1000 offers a low-cost, lightweight solution for collecting and analyzing flight data in any aircraft on any mission. To find out more details, contact Appareo Systems at 1-701-356-2200 or visit

Mid-Continent Supports Garmin HTAWS


The MD41-1048, an annunciation control unit (ACU) from Mid-Continent Instruments, was specifically developed for the Garmin helicopter terrain awareness and warning system (HTAWS) function on the GNS430W and GNS530W. Mid-Continent’s ACU provides illumination for the TAWS caution and warning lights when approaching terrain or an obstacle is detected. A button for reduced protection mode (RP Mode), a muting function and a terrain inhibit switch are all incorporated into the ACU, which can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Night vision goggle (NVG) capability is available as an option. For more details contact Mid-Continent Instruments at 1-316-630-0101 or visit

S-92 Audio Interface from TrueNorth

Canada’s TrueNorth Avionics has launched a network audio interface (NAI) that allows helicopter crewmembers and passengers to talk through the aircraft’s intercom system by connecting into its audio panel. The Sikorsky S-92 is the initial application for the NAI, which is an upgraded, multi-cabin version of a TrueNorth system currently available on the S-76 family. The NAI works with the company’s Simphone OpenCabin system for voice and data communication. TrueNorth has also updated its intercom headset to incorporate a more simple user interface. Contact TrueNorth Avionics at 1-613-224-3301 or visit

Winslow Ultra-Light Features SmartArch Technology

Lake Suzy, Fla.-based Winslow Liferaft Company is offering its ReversaSmart Utlra-Light life raft for helicopter rescue operations. The reversible life raft’s Right-Up canopy is designed to increase the odds of survival, as it deploys automatically. Winslow points out that putting a canopy up manually once on the life raft can take critical time away from crash survivors, especially when injured. The company says the Right-Up canopy is “always in place and fully inflated, no matter which side the life raft inflates on.” For more information contact Winslow by phone at 1-941-613-6666 and 1-800-838-3012 (toll free) or visit

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