Sikorsky Picks Universal CVFDR for S-76

By By Dale Smith | October 19, 2010

Sikorsky Aircraft has selected Universal Avionics Systems’ cockpit voice/flight data recorder (CVFDR) as a forward-fit option on Sikorsky’s X-76++ and S-76D. Universal’s CVFDR-145R with recorder independent power supply (RIPS) will be standard on the S-76D and optional on the S-76++. The selection marks Universal’s entry into the Part 27 helicopter market. Universal recently introduced a new line of CVRs and digital FDRs, which comply with the latest FAA Final Rule mandating RIPS in forward-fit applications for certain types of aircraft. RIPS provides a backup power source in the event of a main power failure. Universal’s CVFDR is the lightest CVR and digital FDR combination with an internal RIPS. The units have achieved both FAA and EASA certification approvals.
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