Editors’ Choice: Maintenance Upgrades

By Staff Writer | December 1, 2010

VT Miltope’s New Rugged Computers Go Anywhere

VT Miltope, a VT Systems company, recently announced a new family of ruggedized products that represent the next generation of mission critical rugged computers, HARD WEAR, for demanding military environments. The company’s launch of its newest rugged family includes clamshell laptops, convertible laptops, handhelds, and mounted computers, VT Miltope now has a full spectrum of ruggedized mobile computing solutions and form factors that meet the growing mission and application needs of today’s military. “Our military is on the forefront of technological development and one of our biggest challenges is in the management of critical information. VT Miltope developed a new family of HARD WEAR computers to provide robust and rugged computing platforms to meet those challenges,” says Brigadier Gen. (U.S. Army, Ret.) Tom Dickinson, president and CEO of VT Miltope. “They are designed and built tough, inside and out, to support our soldiers in the most challenging environmental conditions imaginable.”

VT Miltope, 1-703 739 2610,


Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Fill Bond Putty good for spot repair, Dries quickly

Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings’ Fill Bond is designed to fill rivets, seams and small spot-repair areas on the exterior of the aircraft fuselage. This high-build body filler is available in a convenient epoxy version. Some putties are extremely rigid but Fill Bond putty is flexible, offers direct-to-metal adhesion (with properly pretreated aluminum), provides excellent spreadability and offers a long, workable pot life to give users the right amount of time to apply material on a variety of aircraft surfaces, including aluminum and composites. Fill Bond dramatically improves productivity by drying quickly for a fast sand—usually in just two to six hours. It’s also available in a convenient delivery system, enabling users to apply putty exactly where it is needed without requiring additional tools and limiting waste following application. Users apply only as much product as they need and then can put the cap back on the convenient cartridge containers for later use, saving on material and disposal costs. Sherwin Williams Aerospace Coatings, 1-888-888-5593,

Complete Leak Detection Kit for Aviation Fluid Systems from Spectronics

Spectronics Corp. has introduced the new ALK-365 Aviation Leak Detection Kit for finding leaks in aviation fuel, lubrication and hydraulic systems. This kit works with all petroleum- and synthetic-based lubricants and fluids. At the heart of the ALK-365 kit is the powerful, cordless and rechargeable OPTIMAX 365 UV LED leak detection flashlight. Engineered with ultra-hi-flux LED technology, the flashlight is four times brighter than other high-intensity UV lamps, according to the company. The kit also includes an 8 oz (237 ml) bottle of Aero-Brite universal fluorescent dye, which pinpoints the location of any aviation fluid leaks with a bright yellow/green glow. Rounding out the kit is an 8 oz (237 ml) bottle of GLO-AWAY dye cleaner, smart AC and DC chargers, a belt holster and UV-absorbing glasses, all conveniently packed in a soft carrying case.

Spectronics Corporation, 1-516-333-4840,

Avionica’s Quick Access Recorder is Easy to Install and Lightweight

Avionica introduced the original miniQAR quick access recorder in 1999. This miniature quick access recorder offers solid-state reliability, 400-hour recording capacity, and ease of installation. Today, the next-generation miniQAR Mk II quick access recorder has more than 5,000 installations worldwide, recording the data of many of the world’s airlines, militaries, and multinational corporations. Solid-state architecture has achieved a field proven MTBF maintenance time and money. A variety of interface options are now available allowing for flexibility. Record up to two ARINC 717 (Harvard Biphase or Bipolar RZ) channels and up to three ARINC-429 channels (high and/or low speed). Three RS 422/232 programmable channels are available to support ACMS event recording. Future releases will include an ARINC-429 transmitter to support real-time ACMS reporting over ACARS. Download options including Ethernet (via the RSU-II or COTS laptop/desktop), onboard Ethernet, and wireless via secureLINK wi-fi or 3G wireless GSE module (shown here), enable operators to customize download methods to best fit FOQA/FDM programs and schedule requirements. Easy to install. Installs on most aircraft with minimal alterations. The basic two GB models record up to 6,000 flight hours of ARINC 717 data. Customer upgrade-ability to 32 Gigabytes is possible to handle dense ARINC 429 data recording requirements. The unit weighs only 6.5 oz.

Avionica, 1-786-544-1100,

Sherwin-Williams AfterGlo Now Available for Commercial Aircraft

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A specialized paint from Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings and Defense Holdings Inc. allows commercial helicopter rotors and aircraft propellers to glow in the dark. AfterGlo photo-luminescent paint kit AD110 is applied to the tips of main and tail rotors on helicopters, and along the edge of propeller blades on fixed-wing aircraft, making them visible to ground crews and other airport-based staff in nighttime conditions. Defense Holdings won a contract to develop the coating in 2004, and formed a partnership with Sherwin-Williams in 2005. Originally developed for helicopters and jets operating on aircraft carriers, AfterGlo received certification in May 2008. Rich Martin, president of Defense Holdings, notes that the paint “doesn’t affect the use of night vision goggles.” Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings, 1-888-888-5593,

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