Hot Products December 2010

By Staff Writer | December 1, 2010

EuroAvionics Integrates JeppView

Moving map and situational awareness system specialist EuroAvionics has released a new software module for the popular EuroNav V system. The “JeppView” module can be installed as an upgrade and allows users to consult and overlay Jeppesen charts. The VFR and IFR charts are geo-referenced so the respective procedures are represented correctly in relation to the other maps, terrain and (sensor) data visualized by the EuroNav V system. The JeppView data and updates can be downloaded directly from the Jeppesen website and installed on the EuroAvionics computer using a standard USB key or PCMCIA card. With the JeppView module shown at right, EuroAvionics raises situational awareness again to another level. Besides the map data, the terrain and obstacle information, the TCAS and/or ADS-B overlays, the Flight Plan inputs … now also procedural information is available at the push of a button. Right when and where the pilot needs it. Contact EuroAvionics, phone +49 (0)72 31 58 6780 or visit

Universal Synaptics Offers IFD


Conventional test equipment is effective in troubleshooting hard failures but is severely limited when applied to testing for intermittent problems. The intermittent failing event rarely synchronizes with the measurement window during test time.  This testing blind spot is a leading contributor to the extensive No Fault Found (NFF) problem in avionics. Universal Synaptics’ Intermittent Fault Detectors (IFD) circuit analyzers were specifically designed to overcome these limitations. The neural-analog IFD tests all lines in a simultaneous and continuous manner. The result is that the IFD cannot miss intermittent events. Universal Synaptics’ sensitive analog technology detects low amplitude, high-speed (nanosecond) impedance changes. The neural architecture of the IFD monitors all of the potential failure points at the same time and in parallel, the number of circuits or channels that can be tested simultaneously is virtually unlimited and are installed in 256-channel, test module increments. The IFD’s digital processing provides fast, precise data handling and failure location graphics to facilitate the rapid isolation of the failure source, which will translate to a significant savings of time, manpower and resources. It is currently in use with the U.S. Air Force. Contact Universal Synaptics at 1-801-731-8508 or visit

Mid-Continent Launches True Blue

Wichita, Kan.-based Mid-Continent Instruments is offering a new line of power supply products for general aviation operators, including helicopters. The True Blue Power series includes aircraft inverters and emergency batteries, all housed in a uniform blue casing. Among the specific products announced during the recent NBAA Convention are the MD50 500VA static inverter (shown here), MD26 DC-AC converter and MD835 emergency power supply. Contact Mid-Continent Instruments, phone 1-316-630-0101 or visit

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