FAA to Clarify Public Aircraft Regs

By Staff Writer | January 25, 2011

During an HAI Forum on Thursday, FAA Director of Flight Standards Services John Allen told around 100 people in attendance that the agency intends to clear up regulations governing public-use helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft that are so confusing, even his own inspectors do not fully understand them. Held at its headquarters in Alexandria, Va., HAI called the January 20 forum to address questions raised as a result of NTSB’s investigation into the 2008 crash of a Carson Helicopters-operated Sikorsky S-61 near Weaverville, Calif. The helicopter was under a U.S. Forest Service contract. NTSB put much of the blame on Carson, while noting the role of lax oversight from FAA and the Forest Service. The Dec. 7 release of the NTSB probable cause prompted an explosive response in January from Carson President Franklin Carson, and has thrust the public use issue back into the limelight.
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