Hot Products March 2011

By Staff Writer | March 1, 2011

Heliworks Uses Quantum Control ERP Software

Contact Component Control to learn how Heliworks, Inc., a Part 145 Repair Station based in Pensacola, Fla. is using Quantum Control enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to increase its production capabilities in 2011. According to Heliworks president Stephen Simpson, the efficiencies gained from Quantum have already led to an increase in Heliworks’ capability to rebuild two TH-67 (Bell 206B3) helicopters for the U.S. Army. “

We purposely waited for the Quantum Control installation to buy the bulk of the 400 line items needed for the second TH-67,” said Simpson. “What would have previously taken up to a week to procure took literally just a few keystrokes in Quantum. The quoting system was so much easier than our previous system, and with Quantum everything is linked together so shipping and receiving was streamlined as well.” Stop by Booth 3417 at Heli-Expo or visit Component Control online to learn more: www.componentcontrol.com


Heliport Crash and Rescue Equipment Lockers

Civil aviation authorities strongly recommend the provision of crash and rescue equipment at helicopter landing sites. The supply of adequately stocked lockers is an appropriate precautionary measure to help prevent lives being lost if simple ancillary rescue equipment is not readily available when needed. In addition to all the necessary tools and safety equipment required, recommended practice is that at least two, positive pressure, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) sets complete with ancillary equipment and reserve cylinders should be provided. At an elevated heliport, equipment should be stored adjacent to the heliport and be easily accessible. If your facility does not have crash and rescue equipment lockers Heliportsequipment.com can supply them as either as a complete package comprising of all the necessary tools and safety equipment as per recommended practices, or individual items as needed. FEC Heliports, +44 1494 775226 or visit www.heliportsequipment.com

True Blue Power Lithium Emergency Power

The True Blue Power MD835 from Mid-Continent Instruments is the industry’s first lithium emergency power supply to be TSO C179 certified. Featuring advanced friendly lithium technology, the MD835 weighs in at only 4.8 pounds—more than 8 pounds lighter than competing products. Maintenance intervals for the MD835 are only every two years, compared with legacy lead-acid designs’ yearly capacity check. And with a life expectancy of 10 years, the MD835 easily outlasts the typical lead-acid battery’s three-year replacement schedule. To learn more about the MD835 or the True Blue Power product line, contact Mid-Continent Instruments by phone 1-316-630-0101 or visit www.truebluepowerusa.com

CORRIDOR Aviation Maintenance Software

CORRIDOR is an aviation-specific enterprise software application developed for any type of aviation service business. Large or small. Full service or specialized. Rotary or fixed-wing. CORRIDOR’s modular design lets each organization customize their solution. Modules include those for Inventory Procurement & Logistics, Maintenance & Shop Management, Part Sales & Retail Distribution, Customer & Vendor Management, Aircraft Maintenance Record Keeping, Accounting Integration, and more. CORRIDOR automates the entire maintenance process from quoting through work performed to invoicing—in real-time. Created by aviation professionals, CORRIDOR is proven throughout the industry to improve efficiency, reduce errors, increase control and visibility, reduce costs, and elevate customer service levels. CORRIDOR is backed by professional, experienced, in-house support. CORRIDOR, 1-512-918-8900 or visit www.corridor.aero

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